We are so glad you are here!

Let us tell you a little bit about us and our story. 

Owners - Tony & Geana Sebren.

Blended family of 5 that loves living in Montgomery, Texas. We firmly believe that God blessed the broken road that lead us to each other. 

Kayaking, fishing and school activities are what takes up our time when we are not working. We are always working though. Trying to grow and better our company and our customers experience. This is important to us because this company will be our legacy we leave for our children. A legacy that says that hard work and honesty does pay off and is always the best way. 

We love being able to be a part of people's window transformations, beautiful makeovers that make everyone feel so good. It's amazing how changing out something old with something new, changes a whole room, a whole outlook and gives a peace afterwards that is the greatest reward. We are blessed to be a part of that and we THANK YOU.